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MTL Liner Services and Universal Africa Lines have reached an agreement to combine their services to Mauretania and Senegal


MTL Services runs a regular breakbulk shipping line which serves Mauretania and Senegal on a monthly basis, and has its main focus on the mining industry.

Regular loading ports are Antwerp and Rouen, and discharge ports are Nouadhibou and Nouakchott in Mauretania and Dakar in Senegal.


Universal Africa Lines (UAL) runs a regular liner services from NW Europa and the US Gulf to most ports on the West African coast in the range of Ivory Coast until Angola, with its main focus on the Oil and Gas and project business.
These services are performed by its own fleet of modern box shaped geared MPV vessels, with the main loading ports being Houston and Veracruz for the US gulf service and Antwerp, Aberdeen for the European service- with other load ports on inducement.


We have identified a big potential in the Oil and Gas market in Mauretania and Senegal, and we have seen a need of our regular client base to expand our services to these countries, said Mr. Harald Maas, Director of UAL Netherlands.

In MTL Services we have found a reliable partner which could make this expansion of our network instantly possible, and we are very pleased with this newfound cooperation which gives our regular clients this added service.
They are the experts in this market and we will start benefiting from their expertise immediately.


MTL Services has been running the Mauretania service successfully for years, but congestions in the discharge ports posed some challenges to maintaining its schedule.

This cooperation with UAL will give us access to a big fleet of modern vessels, which again will bring us our regularity which our clients have grown accustomed to, added Mr. Heiner Stomberg of MTL Services.
We can now also serve our regular clients with sailings from the USA, as well as offer the full range of West African ports through the UAL Liner Service, which off course is a huge benefit to them.


The joint services will be performed by UAL vessels, and cargoes can be booked on both the  MTL Services or UAL liner service through their respective agents.”

Posted on 29 augustus 2017

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