News: ALGOA: refurbishment of pipe and risers for the O&G industry

One of our loyal customers joined the adventure at the beginning of K5 Oil Centre 10 years ago, when they came from Port Elizabeth and established their facility and his 50 employees directly within our land, at K5 in Equatorial Guinea. We have accommodated them with 10% of our land and they have raised 8 buildings of offices and workshops.

The core of business of Algoa is the refurbishment of pipe and risers for the O&G industry and counts among his portfolio most of our clients. Within their 5 hectares of land, they can perform the full maintenance scope of a pipe and provide brand new equipment to the drilling contractors from Las Palmas all the way down to Angola. From welding, blasting, bucking, painting, machining, they have extended and professional know-hows.

Every shipment received by Algoa is always benefitting our both companies UAL and K5, reason why nowadays, we are working very closely in order to join our efforts in term of sales and develop a real commercial strategy. No doubt that this complementarity and this operation of mutual support will help for the future. Let’s welcome Algoa in the family! 


Algoa Equatorial Guinea
Located at K5 Oil Centre
General manager Sean Marx
Cell: 00240-222 524 569



Posted on 21 juli 2015

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