News: Three UAL vessels at the same time in the port of Onne

This article is contributed by Christian Anyafulu, INTER-SERVE Nigeria Limited (ISN)- UAL representative in Nigeria.

Universal African Line (UAL) Alliance is one of the fasted growing shipping lines that operate liner services from Europe, the US Gulf  and South Africa into West Africa and vise versa with modern heavy lift geared vessels as well as West African coastal services. No doubt UAL is the market leader to Onne as a destination and that is why recently UAL had three vessels there at the same time, namely the UAL Gabon, the UAL Texas and the Emily C. The vessels berthed at the Onne Oil and Gas Freezone port at the same time to discharge oil and gas related cargo for major oil and gas industries, managed by the agency of INTER-SERVE Nigeria Limited (ISN)- UAL agent in Nigeria.

Besides the ocean going vessels, UAL also own a geared feeder vessel, and two beach landing crafts. UAL have its own network throughout and also own representative’s to ensure that the best customer service is to hand.

We would very much like you to contact us for all your shipping needs and also discuss further our full range of services on offer.

Christian Anyafulu
UAL representative Nigeria
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Mobile: +234 803 724 1539

Posted on 08 juni 2015

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