News: UAL sets record at Petroci jetty in Abidjan

UAL holds the record of longest vessel to ever berth at quay Phillipe/Petroci jetty in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. Needing special approval from the Chief of Pilot to berth MV UAL ANGOLA alongside Petroci base (quay Philippe).

Petroci base is dedicated to the oil & gas industry and has a quay for supply vessels to easily go back and forth from offshore to shore to pick up and to offload oil & gas material for ongoing operations. They usually do not allow cargo vessels at their base but they made an exception for UAL as partner for the O&G industry.

Maximum LOA vessel allowed is approximately 120 meters, but UAL ANGOLA has 142 meters. Taking into account all safety regulations the pilots of port of Abidjan assisted us in smooth berthing to avoid congestion in the commercial port and to ensure quick loading/offloading of the material of UAL’s clients. 

Posted on 08 juni 2015

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