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UAL Houston ship-to-ship transfer in Walvis Bay

Transferring cargo from a ship to a land-based terminal is already a major operation in its own right, but when it comes to a ship-to-ship (STS) transfer it is a different kettle of fish altogether.

(Universal Africa Lines) recently undertook just such an operation in Namibian waters some six miles off the Port of Walvis Bay when 53 riser pipes weighing in at approximately 22 tons each were transferred from one vessel to another.

The cargo was moved from a drill ship, to the newly built UAL Houston.
“The decision for the STS is due to the draft in the port being too shallow and it can therefore not accommodate the drill ship.”
A STS transfer was by no means an easy feat and therefore operations were carried out in accordance with the strictest adherence to safety regulations.
The riser pipes that measure in at 24 meters long and 1,3 meters wide and high were then transported to Lobito, Angola.

UAL Houston is one of the new innovative vessels in the UAL fleet and built in the Netherlands.
“This vessel is considered unique because of the application of the Groot Cross Bow – an innovative bow shape with wave piercing abilities. This ensures it will have less slamming and maintain speed easier when compared to the more conventional bow shapes with bow flare.”
She said this ultimately would result in massive energy savings as less fuel would be burned and there would be a reduction in the CO2 output.



Posted on 30 oktober 2013

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